It was on November 14, 2006 that the Wood Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame Society (WBSHFS) in partnership with Keyano College announced the launch of the Wood Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame (WBSHF).

Located adjacent to the entrance at the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre (SSWC), the WBSHF honours the history of sport in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, in particular those sports individuals and teams who have achieved extraordinary distinction to the development and advancement of sport.

Each year the WBSHF will showcase the history of each of the inductees in a permanent manner dedicated solely to that specific induction year.

There will have a maximum induction of four honorees each year to be selected from the various categories.

“We are thrilled that the WBSHF will be housed at Keyano College,” said Keyano College President Jim Foote. “The SSWC will be a facility that embraces and nourishes sports development and excellence. It is fitting that we pay tribute to the sports heroes from our community who have espoused these values.”

The first president of the WBSHFS was Curtis J. Phillips. President elect for 2009 is Shawn Chaulk.

“We have a rich tradition in sport and now we have a place to showcase it,” said Phillips, who added that the concept of the WBSHF has been on the back burners for several years and it took the vision of local community leader Bob Campbell to bring it to the forefront.

Asked to name some of the individuals whom might appear on thefuture ballot, Phillips said, “It is up to the community to make the nominations and then the committee will make the voting decision,” said Phillips, who has covered and promoted local sport in various journalistic mediums since 1982. “On the athlete side we have had many outstanding athletes. In boxing we have had Danny Lindstrom and Wayne Bourque, in volleyball Jon Walsh and Fiona Waters, in basketball Harbir Bains and Sam Salter, in hockey Chris Phillips, Dan Hodgson, Brian Shantz and Trevor Buchanan. People like Stuart Anderson in golf, Mike Klippenstein in motor sports or Mark Versfeld ion swimming, We could go on-and-on with names of the present and past be they athletes, builders, coaches or teams. But it is up to the community now to get in their nominations and let their sporting voice be heard.”

Nomination for such is open to any individual or organization from the general public as long as the nominator along with four other individuals are paid members of the Wood Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame Society. There is a nominal fee and it entitles you to a two-year society membership.

Nomination forms for 2016 induction along with society memberships are available here.