Carla Young  (Board Member 2015 – Present)

Vice President
Mike Heck (Board Member 2015 – Present)

Nick Sanders (Board Member 2015 – Present)

Christie Trottier (Board Member 2017 - Present)

Phil Meagher (Board Member 2006-2008 and 2010 – Present)

Ali Myers (Board Member 2017 - Present)

Tammy Powell (Board Member 2011 – Present)

Mike Crozier (Board Member 2017 - Present)

Owen Erskine (Board Member 2016)

PAST BOARD MEMBERS  (P) President (VP) Vice President (S) Secretary (T) Treasurer


Curtis Phillips(P), Bob Campbell (T),Phil Meagher (VP), Shawn Chaulk (S), Pamela MacGillivray, Garth Phillips & Kevin Dodsworth


Curtis Phillips(P), Bob Campbell (T), Pamela MacGillivray, Phil Meagher (VP), Garth Phillips, Kevin Dodsworth & Shawn Chaulk (S),  


Curtis Phillips (P), Bob Campbell (T), Phil Meagher (VP), Garth Phillips, Shawn Chaulk (S), Brian Hatfield, Andrew Boutilier, Tim O'Rouke, Heather Burton, Bob Gill, Rob Denis,


Garth Phillips, Brian Hatfield, Andrew Boutilier, Tim O'Rourke, Heather Burton, Bob Gill, Rob Denis, Shawn Chaulk (P), Leithan Slade, Scott Mundy, Phil Meagher (VP), Jin Schneider, Dale Unruh, Curtis Phillips (S), Bob Campbell (T)


Garth Phillips, Heather Burton, Bob Gill, Shawn Chaulk (P), Leithan Slade, Scott Mundy, Robert Denis (VP), Phil Meagher, Jim Schneider, Dale Unruh, Curtis Phillips, Bob Campbell (S) & Robert Stone (T)


Shawn Chaulk (P), Rob Denis (VP), Robert Stone (T), Bob Campbell (S) Curtis J. Phillips, Leithan Slade, Heather Burton, Phil Meagher, Wade Komel, Lance Bussieres & Garth Phillips


Heather Burton, Lance Bussieres,Bob Campbell (S), Shawn Chaulk (P), Robert Denis (VP), Wade Kolmel, Phil Meagher,Curtis Phillips, Leithan Slade, Dale Unruh, Robert Stone (T), Doug Phibbs, Tammy Powell & Guy Boutilier


Wade Kolmel (P), Leithan Slade (VP), Robert Stone (T), Rob Denis, Curtis J. Phillips, Lance Bussieres, Phil Meagher, Tammy Powell, Doug Phibbs & Nate Bedford 


Wade Kolmel (P), Curtis J. Phillips, Kim Rizzi, Robert Stone (T), Phil Meagher, Tammy Powell, Nate Bedford, Doug Phibbs, Leithan Slade & Lance Bussieres


Wade Kolmel (P), Carla Young (VP), Mike Heck, Robert Stone (T), Tammy Powell, Phil Meagher, Nick Sanders, Curtis J. Phillips, Kim Rizzi


Carla Young (P), Mike Heck (VP), Robert Stone (T), Tammy Powell, Phil Meagher, Nick Sanders, Owen Erskine, Curtis J. Phillips, Kim Rizzi


Carla Young (P), Mike Heck (VP), Nick Sanders (T), Tammy Powell, Phil Meagher, Owen Erskine, Ali Myers (Campbell), Mike Crozier & Christie Trottier (S)

“The WBSHFS board of directors would like to thank past members Bob Campbell, Andrew Boutilier, Kevin Dodsworth, Bob Gill, Brian Hatfield, Pam MacGillivray, Scott Mundy, Garth Phillips, Tim O’Rourke, Heather Burton, Don Reimer, Shawn Chaulk, Doug Phibbs, Rob Denis, Lance Bussieres, Leithan Slade, Kim Rizzi, CJ Phillips, Robert Stone and Wade Kolmel for their service.”

Are you a community member interested in becoming a board member?

The board is looking for passionate, community minded people involved in sports and/or knowledgeable about the sports history in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Contact to find out more about this exciting opportunity!